Professional Training

1:1 Personal Training/Administration

We are unique as we are the only people who are professionally trained in any and all situations involving all altercations and scenarios you will ever encounter in your life.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is planning to accommodate everybody in learning how to protect themselves in the correct way and in the most easiest way possible.


This will be used to increase your potential and to prepare yourself in that ‘one-off’ situation when you need it the most.

Self and Family Protection

This will be used at all times in all occasions pertaining to business and personal. This includes using it for self-protection and using it to also protect loved ones when the matter arises.

Mr Michael Fenner

CEO-Upper Coomera

Mr Dave Johnson

Head Instructor-Upper Coomera

Mr Toby McGrath

Head Instructor - Upper Coomera

Mr Landon Hunt

Weapons Head Instructor-Upper Coomera

Ms Sharee Schram

Administration Manager-Upper Coomera