Your Questions, Our Answers

If you have a question about training at Close Personal Protection Academy, we have some answers for you below..if you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact us

We require self-protection to aid us in making life easier and better. In doing the self-protection techniques, we know that any time we may be called upon to protect ourselves or other family members and that we have the capacity and understanding of each scenario and which action to use for a better outcome and result.

This all depends on how far you wish to go in your training as it can take years and years to learn but with the basic skills shown online or in person, we can teach you to protect yourself in a matter of minutes.

By either following the courses online or coming down to Headquarters at Upper Coomera and learning the basic skills and on-going training which can show you how to protect yourself and others when required.

Booking through the timetable is just a click away. Just click on the day you require and the information will be shown on what the training session will entail and who will be taking the class.